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Due Diligence: legal and financial audit

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Due Diligence: legal and financial audit

Due Diligence: legal and financial audit
Legal and financial audit

We offer Due Diligence service: legal and financial audit of a company (group of companies, holding, etc.), including, but not limited to:

  • Audit of corporate structure
  • Audit of financial statements (accounting, financial and/or tax)
  • Audit of contractual work
  • Audit of intellectual property
  • Analysis of reputational risks
  • Audit of personnel policy
  • Audit of counterparty's assets: property and non-property
  • Audit of the company's interaction with courts, regulatory and/or supervisory authorities
  • Comprehensive audit

What you get: A reasoned conclusion based on the results of the audit, existing risks.

About service

Who will benefit from the due diligence service:

  1. Investors: before making a decision to invest, we suggest conducting due diligence to obtain complete information about the company or project, including its financial condition, reputation, competitiveness, legal and operational structure. 
  2. Buyers of a company: when acquiring a company, the buyer may conduct due diligence to ensure that the company has attractive prospects, low risk and corresponds to its development strategy. 
  3. Sellers of a company: sellers can conduct due diligence before the sale of a company to identify potential problems or weaknesses that can be corrected or explained before starting the sale process. 
  4. Lenders: Lenders may conduct due diligence before granting a loan to assess the borrower's financial position, solvency and reputation. 

In general, due diligence service can be useful for any party who wants to obtain complete and objective information about a company or project before making strategic decisions or transactions.

NRG audit is a member of "Collegium of Auditors" Public Joint-Stock Company (, co-founder of the Union of Tax Consultants Organizations 

Carrying out the service

Due diligence has many advantages:

  1. Helps identify risks. The due diligence process involves a thorough analysis of financial data, legal documentation, operational processes and other business aspects. This allows you to identify potential risks and problems associated with the investment or acquisition of a company. 
  2. Allows estimating the cost. Due diligence helps estimate the actual value of a company or assets by determining whether the seller's statements about financial indicators and growth are accurate. 
  3. Achieving the best terms of transaction. Having complete information about a company, a buyer or investor can use it in negotiations to achieve better terms of transaction. Knowing the company's weaknesses or problems gives the buyer more opportunities to get better terms. 
  4. Reduces risks and increases the likelihood of success. Due diligence helps reduce the risks associated with the investment or acquisition of a company. This allows reducing possible negative consequences and increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction. 
  5. 5. Transparency and trust Due diligence helps to establish transparency in relations between the parties to the transaction. This helps build trust and improves communication between buyer and seller. 
  6. 6. Allows identifying opportunities for growth. In the process of due diligence, it is possible to identify potential opportunities for the company's growth and development. This can be useful information for an investor or buyer, as it allows them to assess the company's potential and its prospects in the market. 

In general, due diligence is an important stage of any transaction or investment, as it allows you to assess the risks, value and potential of the business, as well as improve transparency and trust between the parties to the transaction.

Due diligence should be entrusted to professional consultants or audit firms specializing in this area. We have the experience and knowledge to thoroughly review and analyze all aspects of a business or transaction, including financials, legal aspects, operations, company reputation and other factors.

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